The top 10 Instagram accounts for food and recipe inspiration

I love cooking, that’s no secret. And I love me a recipe book or seven. But Instagram is an untapped source of inspo, ready to help you transform whatever you’ve got left in your fridge into something utterly delicious for tea. I love to use the Save feature on Instagram, saving recipe posts and meal inspo for later to look through when I’m meal-planning and restaurant recommendations too.  

So, I thought I’d share the love and give you a rundown of the top 10 foodie Instagram accounts that I’ve been liking, saving and loving recently!  

Amy Sheppard Food 

I love Amy’s recipes, and this is one of many that I’ve saved for later. She has her first cookbook coming out later this month, which I’ve pre-ordered and I can’t wait for it to arrive! Her recipes are really easy to follow and great for all ages, whether you’re cooking for kids or just the two of you! 

Callie Thorpe

Whilst Callie is an OG blogger who has progressed from fashion to food with lots of gorge lifestyle content in the mix too, I bloody love her recipes and watching her Market hauls. All of the delicious fresh fruit and veg really makes me want to swerve the supermarket and start buying from independents! 

Laura Sally SW 

I’ve followed Laura for years since I was following the SW plan – you can read all about that here if that’s your jam – but I still love to follow her account and try the recipes that she shares! They’re simple to follow with everyday ingredients and she shares interiors content too which is lovely.  

Keeping up with Karla  

Another SW account, Karla has had an incredible weight loss since the start of 2020 and her account is lovely to follow – even if you’re not in that mindset. She shares her meals, which are really easy to recreate at home and ideal if I’m stuck on what to cook.  

Mob Kitchen 

I love Mob Kitchen! I got their veggie cookbook last year and it’s easily in my top five cookbooks, so it comes as no surprise that I love following their Insta too. Loads of amazing meal inspo for all diets – veggie, meat eaters and vegan – and everything looks incredible! They have a new book due out soon that I can’t wait to get my mucky little paws on! 

The Mothercooker  

Gem is another OG blogger turned home cook/allotment extraordinaire, and I love seeing what she’s rustling up and giving her recipes a go myself. She focuses on sharing fruits and vegetables that are in season and creating recipes from them, which is really good is you pick something up at the supermarket and you’re not sure what to do with it! 

Becs Bites 

Another SW account to add to the mix, but the food! You wouldn’t guess that Bec’s recipes are following a dietary requirement as it all looks so good and moreish! She’s the queen of fakeaways and I’ve made quite a few of her recipes now and they’re a hit each time! 

It’s Danielle’s Journey 

Another account that began as a SW account years ago and now just follows Danielle’s life, from buying her new home, places to go for food and drinks in Leeds and recipes! I want to recreate pretty much every recipe that she makes, and they all look incredible! 

Liverpool Plant Life 

A relatively new account but one that provides so much vegan food inspo it’s crazy! Sams meals look amazing and I’m obsessed with her crockery too – having insta-worthy plates and bowls really does make the food look 10 times more incredible! I’m loving seeing what she makes and she’s inspired me to try more plant based recipes for sure.  

Lil and Life 

So, we have a theme here…another old SW account turned home cook/mum page. Lil used to be a chef before she pivoted her career and became a content creator and sharing her amazing recipes that she makes for her family. I get loads of meal inspo from Lil’s page and everything I’ve recreated at home has always done the trick! 

I’m always looking for new foodie accounts to follow so so let me know who are your favourites to follow and any recommendations you may have!

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