& company, Mann Island review

Spending a sunny Saturday in town hits different after spending most of last summer at home and if you throw good food into the mix you’re on to a winner!

& company, Mann Island

& company is the latest kid on the block. The Mann Island block that is. Neighbouring Brasco Lounge the eatery is the perfect spot to visit rain or shine, thanks to its spacious restaurant that is interior goals and vast outdoor seating options too.

I popped along on a very sunny Saturday to try the lunch menu and I can’t tell you just how impressed I was. Well, I can get descriptive so here we go!

Tenderstem & couscous salad

This was incredible! Like seriously delicious. It was vegan too, if that’s what you’re looking for from a menu. I had the option to add either grilled chicken or grilled halloumi and I went for the halloumi.

It was seasoned with sesame, chili oil and cumin yogurt. Utterly delicious to the point that I want to try and recreate this at home!

Parmesan & rosemary fries

Surely every salad requires a side of fries, cos health. But not just ordinary fries, parmesan and rosemary fries.

Peach ice tea

I love that there was a low and no alcohol section on the drinks menu, with a choice of mocktails and zero alcohol beers.

I went for the peach ice tea, which was so refreshing whilst making me feel like I was having a cocktail on a gorgeous sunny day. Cheers to you, & company!

If you’re looking for a new spot to visit in town, whether you want a meal, a quick bite to eat or just drinks with a view, I highly reccomend & company. Plus its dog friendly too, so your four legged bestie can visit too!

Visit Liverpool restaurant And company.

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