February Favourites – Skincare, Essie nail varnish and home updates

Monthly favourite blog posts are posts I love to read and write, but always, always forget about. So, let’s see how long I keep up with this latest reincarnation of the series, hey? February was a nice little month – it brought some annual leave from work, home organisation, sunshine, blue skies, warmer weather and optimism!  

I’m feeling much brighter about the rest of 2021 and I’m excited to see my family, friends, actually get dressed up at some point and spend another glorious summer in the garden! But before I get carried away with the rest of the year, let’s look back at some of the things/moments that brought me joy in February! 


If you’re working-from-home, I highly recommend closing the laptop when you finish, head out for a walk and then straight to your bathroom to cleanse, tone and moisturise! 

My evening skincare routine takes place instead of a commute and I make sure I spend the same amount of time as I used to on the train – 15/20 minutes and my skin is thankful for it. I’m on a mission to use up what I have in my cupboard, before buying new products. It worked for me in January and so during February, I’ve mostly been using:  

  • Cerave Hydrating Cleanser – I’ve been using this for three weeks now and I’m getting on with it. It’s almost like an oil consistency, that turns to a foaming cleanser when mixed with water. I really like it and my skin feels so clean and refreshed afterwards.  
  • Cetaphil Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF 50 – I know I should use two separate products for my moisturiser and my SPF, but I really like this. During the freak spring like weather, we had at the end of February, I felt a lot better for my eight hours sitting in the garden knowing I had a high factor on my face. Plus, it doesn’t feel too claggy when applied over the top of my primer before my make up. I’m a fan.  
  • Boots Retinol – I bought this over Christmas and whilst I don’t use it every day or, any more than three times a week, I do like it. I apply in the evenings only, even though it can be worn in the morning and night. I turn to it at the times of the month when breakouts are rife, and I want to apply something a bit stronger to keep my skin under control.  
  • Garnier Micellar Water – My ride or die cleanser. This really does get rid of the most stubborn mascara and lipsticks imaginable. I’ve used this brand on and off over the years and I do love it. I’m one of those people who wears some form of make up every day, during this weird WFH life and using this first before the Cerave cleanser means I feel so clean and cleansed every night. Lovely.  

DIY nails  

In-between the lockdowns, I think I’ve had my nails done twice. The last time was August last year and since then I’ve turned to a ye olde faithful – Essie nail polishes. And I don’t think I’ll go back to having gels either.  

When salons re-open, I’m keen to get a manicure and get a stubborn layer of clear topcoat removed from one nail that’s been hanging on since last summer. But I’m quite happy to paint my own nails for the foreseeable to save a bit of money. The quality of Essie polishes hasn’t changed in the seven-plus years since I last used to buy them and I’m enjoying building my collection of colours again! 

Home updates  

I spent one day of my Feb annual leave organising. I used to be the type of person who would fill drawers and close them, hoping I would address the contents another day. But over the last 12 months I’ve really de-cluttered the house, not that we have lots of stuff to be honest, but everything is in order and has a place.  

So, I spent February reoganising the kitchen. Emptying drawers, getting things in order, filling recycling bags with unwanted items and a much-needed tip run – it felt great! If we don’t use it or need it, it went – either into a bag for the charity shop when they reopen, into the bin or to the tip.  

Living and working from home has had its struggles and whilst we’re lucky to have a roomy home with space for us to both work without being in each other’s way, it has helped us to understand how we use the rooms and the space that we have.  

Our kitchen was always a bit of a miss-mash with the dining space not really utilised. That’s now changed, thanks to the addition of a bookshelf rehomed from the lounge and a re-jig of the kitchen. Small changes that have made an impact and now the dining part of our kitchen is a space that I’m happy to spend time in! 

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