Baked Feta TikToK Recipe

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re not on social media, you’ll have seen the baked feta viral TikToK recipe that’s sweeping the board.

Well, I had a The Body Coach feta and rose harissa paste recipe on this weeks meal plan. But in for a penny, in for a pound, I decided to give the viral trend a go.

Ingredients – you’ll need…

  • Block of feta
  • Cherry or plum tomatoes
  • Pasta of your choice
  • Olive oil
  • Oregano/mixed Italian herbs
  • Rose harissa paste
  • Garlic- paste or cloves
  • Salt and pepper to season
  1. Place the block of feta in the centre of a roasting tin
  2. Pop your pasta in a pan of boiling water with a pinch of salt
  3. Add the rest of ingredients to the roasting tin and bake in the oven for 30 minutes
  4. Once the pasta is cooked, reserve a cup of pasta water to one side
  5. Once the contents of the roasting tin are cooked, drain the pasta and add to the tin.
  6. If you need to create additional sauce, add the leftover pasta water
  7. Serve!

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