Food // What I Eat in a Day 

I’ve wanted to do one of these posts for a while but my meals vary from day to day. I blogged this from a day earlier this week when I was off work. 

At home I tend to eat a lot better / healthier as there’s less distractions and I don’t find myself craving chocolate either. 

So here it is – what I ate in a day! 

Breakfast – I ate breakfast at 10am after doing a workout on YouTube. I wanted something quick so I went for a bowl of plain Special K with a sliced nectarine and semi-skimmed milk. And a glass of water as I was knackered after exercising! 

Lunch – 1pm and I was ready for lunch. I try to follow the Slimming World diet where I can and I’ve seen lots of Instagram followers rave about these thins. So I had 2 thins filled with red pepper hummus, smoked ham, lettuce & a smidge of mayo. Sour cream wholemeal crisps are my favourite so I had a packet and then a low-fat fruity yoghurt to kill any sweet cravings! 


Dinner – 6.30pm dinner was served. We had the second half of a veggie lasagne plus I did a huge mixed salad to share. We each had another thin to accompany as we’re trying to be good and curb our garlic bread addiction! 

And for dessert we had strawberries as the weather just called for strawberries and (ice) cream! Well, he had strawbs & ice cream whilst I was good by having mine topped with a mango yoghurt.


I think I’ll blog another day of food when I’m back at work to see how naughty I am when I’m in the office all day! 

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