Beauty // Lipstick Haul

If you know me IRL or you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m a lipstick addict. Erry’day I’m rocking either a bold or a nude lip, so I decided to put my favourites together in a pretty lipstick haul for y’all. 


I’m a huge fan of Maybelline Baby Lips. They feel so lovely to wear and they’re really pigmented so you get lots of colour with every wear. So naturally I had to feature two in today’s post. 

Next up is a surprise entry – a gloss lip balm from Aldi! I love Aldi and really look forwardto our   weekly shop and checking out the star buys. I picked up one of the lip balms in a warm, peachy shade and I just love it. I feels really nice to wear and the colour is so long-lasting. 

Thirdly, I wanna talk about a Nivea lip balm real quick.  Now the weathers (trying) to heat up I need to start taking care of my lips and this is the answer. It’ll be my savour when I go on holiday next month too. 

And I’ve saved the best till last. Currently I’m on a saving mission, but every now and again you gotta treat yo’self and I did just that a few weeks ago with a gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. 

I love bright colours, I love the beaut rose gold packaging and I couldn’t resist! It’s so long-lasting and it’s my new absolute favourite! 


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