What time is it Mr Wolf?

When it comes to my everyday jewellery I wear a necklace and watch everyday. The necklace I got for my 21st and have added charms to it over the past 4 years- each carrying a special meaning and my watch. I think choosing a watch can be a difficult decision as it is something you wear every day and in my case, when I go out as well. It is a personal accessory and your jewellery feels like your make-up, as I feel lost without it.

My current watch is from Lipsy. Not a brand that I wear at all and never thought it was very me, but it features a gold strap with black and gold clock face. Being more of a gold girl, than silver, however tacky that sounds, I loved it.

But, it has started to scratch and look a little worn so I’ve started to look around for a new favourite. I don’t really want something that every girl on the high street has, but like I said earlier it has to be practical enough for everyday wear- enter the Branded Watch Shop.

But which brand to choose?

Now I love, but I’ve never treated myself to Vivienne Westwood pieces. The Branded Watch Shop has a great range of fashion watches, so I think it would be rude not to add a couple of classic brands to my wishlist!

In the hierarchy of British designers, Viv sits at the top and she has reigned supreme across the catwalk for years with her British themed statement designs. These two are my absolute favourites and so versatile for day and night.

*This post is  in conjunction with the Branded Watch Shop

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