Broadchurch- Review

Broadchurch. The ITV drama that took us all by storm and became unmisssablee television and the one show I’ve been obsessed with over the past 8 weeks. It’s at this point I must advise if you haven’t watched the series and wouldn’t like to be told who dun it, then stop reading now.

From the casting, to the initial storyline- young boy found dead in small town with tight knit community. Each episode leads on from another, with every member of the community carrying their own secret and clues leading to the murderer.

The series is focused on the Latimer famiy, with youngest child, Danny Latimer found dead. We learn Mark Latimer had been having a brief affair with the local hotelier, Becca Fisher and grieving mum, Beth Latimer is pregnant. Through the first couple of episodes the Latimers are at the heart of Broadchurch.

David Tennant was fantastic casting of DC Hardy. Moody and mysterious with his own secret and the knowledge that he failed his previous murder case. We warm to him as the episodes carry on and despite his stand-offish attitude you are rooting for him to find the killer.

Olivia Coleman deserves every Bafta going for her portrayal of Ellie. Police officer working alongside Tennant, and struggling to make it as top dog whilst supporting her family- including son Tom, Danny’s bests friend.

With so many twists and turns, and the media spoiler-free each episode was a cliffhanger. The show touched on adultery, bullying and sex abuse with elder character, Jack commiting suicide after being accused of Danny’s death by the town. The scenes where he was found dead on the same very beach where Danny’s body was discovered was harrowing and touched on how much effect the media can have on peoples lives.

Another set of characters who carried intruige and mystery where Nige and Susan. Nige- a plumber who lived with him mum and worked as a plumber alongside Mark Latimer. During the opening episode he was wrongly named as Mark’s aliby, and this lead me to believe the two were involved in a gay affiar-however this is where Becca Fisher came on the scene. Nige was later taken into custody and accused of the murder. Alongside Susan.

When Pauline Quirke turns up in a drama you know she’s not just there for ‘bit’ part and she certainly made her mark. A down and out woman living in the caravan park in the town with her dog, we learnt in the first episode she had Dannys skateboard and she was linked somehow to Nige. After being arrested alongside Nige, we learnt she witnessed the body being left on the beach and revealed herself as Nige’s long lost mum. Bloody hell.

Casting our mind back to Ellie’s son Tom, we discovered their friendship was strained and he was caught by the local recovering alcoholic Vicar smashing up his computer- containing vital evidence.

So, we are near the end and think either Nige is the killer matching the description of the killer- tall and bald, or Tom, Gaining revenge for his fall-out with Danny and his dad, Joe  (also bald) assisting the fall out. However it turns out the writers where cleverer than that and we were twist-bound.

In the final episode, using music to create atmosphere and tension, we discover Joe was the killer. Blinded by his love for Danny and his wish to protect him, the two had created a friendship guided by hugs which was set to shatter Ellie’s world.

Strangled to death, Joe moved the body to the beach and continued to live in the town until he handed himself in to Tennant.

The shows use of music to evoke emotion and clever twists kept us guessing, week on week. Olivia Coleman deserves all the awards for her portrayal of Ellie and the delicate, heart breaking moment when Tennant broke the news to Ellie, that it was her husband they were hunting was just epic. Believeable and sickening at the same time, I havent seen such a strong scene acted in a British drama for quite some time.

I spent the last 30 minutes of the final episode in tears, crying for these fictional characters I have taken to my heart. The final scenes have been critisced but for me it was perfect. Taking the focus back to the Latimer family and the Broadchurch community- all questions where answered with stories free to develop into the 2nd series. Fantastic television which deserves to clean up at all awards shows this year!

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