Life // My Gig Bucket List

I’m sure everyone has a memory box stored away somewhere, filled to the brim with old concert/gig tickets. The first concert you ever went to, those ratty old festival wristbands we can’t bear to throw out or even the tickets from bands you’ve seen with a loved one…all stored away to be reminisced about at one time or another.

Whilst I was a diehard S Club fan in my younger days, my first gig was actually Green Day at the MEN Arena, back when I was about 14. I can’t believe that’s 15 years ago. Since then the box has filled up with Glastonbury tickets, T in The Park wristbands and some of my all-time favourite gigs – Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Florence and The Machine and The Showhawk Duo to name just a handful.

These days I don’t get to as many gigs as I’d like, thanks to the never-ending bills and what-not. That said, we did bag Liam Gallagher tickets last week for December which I’m really looking forward to. So, that’s got me thinking about the bands/artists I haven’t seen, but would like to. A bucket list if you will…

  1. Celine Dion. Now, let’s start with the Queen of Pop. Forget Madonna, for me, I’m a Celine fan all day, erry’day. I actually had tickets for her Manchester show earlier this year, but sadly due to the awful Manchester bombings, it got cancelled. One day, I will watch her belt out the hits. Even if I have to fly to Vegas…
  2. Linkin Park. This is a sad one to write about, but Linkin Park were on both mine and my boyfriend’s wish list for a long, long time. Collision Course and Hybrid Theory were two of my favourite albums growing up and I would have loved the chance to see them live.
  3. Jay Z. Bit of a cheat one here as I did fly over to Paris three years ago for the Jay Z / Beyonce On The Run tour, which was amazing! But I’d love to watch Jay as part of a stand-alone show.
  4. Kasabian are another favourite of mine, who I’ve been listening to for years but never, had the chance to go and watch. They’re actually playing at the Echo Arena later this year and I keep eyeing up tickets…should I, shouldn’t I?
  5. It’s Britney Bitch. Britney Spears is another longtime fave of mine. From the early Oops I did It Again days to dancing round to Gimme More back in ’07 before uni nights out, she’s a massive mega babe. Every year she brings out the bangers and we’ve been through it all with her. Anyone remember the Chris Crocker saga? Yep, I’m a definite fan and would love to see the lip-syncing and dance moves in person!

When it comes to checking who’s touring and keeping track of tour dates, I must admit I’m on the usual email lists but lately, I’m a fan of using Get To The Front. 

Who’s on your gig bucket list?

*This post is in collaboration with Get To The Front

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