Beauty // Morning Skincare Routine

Sometimes it’s nice to strip it back and write a post about things that you like. I aint gonna lie, yep I thought about Instagram when I took this picture. Cos over there it’s all about the flat lay, right?

But, basically I just wanted to take a couple of quick pictures of a few products I’m loving. And then I thought why not add this cute print and frame from one of the My Little Box’s and a cute Primark make-up bag to the shot too?

But I’m really only here to talk about the three skincare products. First up is this sweet Nivea lip balm. I got it in a set for Christmas but I started using it a few weeks ago applying it when I’m doing my going-out make up. I put a thin layer on while I do the rest of my face and let it sink in before I apply my lipstick. But I also discovered my boyfriend stole it when he had dry lips last week and now apparently we share it. So that’s nice.

Both of the other products are from My Little Boxes. I recently cancelled my subscription to try and be good and save money to pay off our holiday. But I am missing receiving new beauty products each month as the quality of the brands included in the boxes are just so good.

The Noxidoxi mask and peel face mask does what it says on the tin. It smells really good and it applies to the skin really nicely. I’ve got into the habit of applying this on a Sunday night when I’m treating myself to a pamper before work the next day.

And finally, is a Little Box own brand product. It’s a light day cream with a slight highlighting quality. I’ve been using this as a day moisturiser before my make-up. I think it sits underneath my foundation really nicely and it’s not too heavy, which is good – especially as my face is fully made up pre-7am thanks to my early commute to work!

Have you tried any of these products or have any recommendations that I need to try leave a comment below!

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