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I’ve spoken about my love for nail varnish on my blog before, but it cant hurt to talk about it some more! I’m one of those girls who can’t have what I call, ‘naked nails’. Each to their own, but to me looking down and seeing nude nails is just vile. I love colour and painted nails fits into that box perfectly. I am quite loyal to a couple of brands, namely Essie and Barry M.

Barry M is such a drugstore beauty; cheap and cheerful but with masses of staying power. I often favour a Barry M for my toes, but just recently a Barry M gelly green and dark green saw me through the 5 days at Glastonbury with minimal chips- ideal to hide dirty nails!

Essie is a little more expensive but long-lasting and gorgeous colours. I find I have to travel to a larger Boots store to get a wider range as I seem to have bought out my local store’s stock, but they release new shades every couple of months which is perfect for girls who like to change their nails a couple of times a week like me!

And my lastest love, but one which can’t be indulged too often due to keeping a hold on the purse strings- Illamasqua. After lusting after their speckle nail varnishes for a LONG time I treated myself to the purple shade during their 50% Twitter sale in May and then my lovely work friends treated me to the green for my birthday! I was defo spoilt! They are really thick, sometimes require a couple of coats, but I can’t fault them as a brand!

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What’s your favourite nail varnish brand? x

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