How are in the third month of the year already? It’s true that time really does fly and my year of health, combined with my 1000 mile walking challenge is well underway!

Walk 1000 miles challenge

As it stands, I’m 220 miles through so far having successfully banked 100 miles in both January and February. The return of glorious weekend weather, at the time of writing this, means I’ve been out all weekend too and I’m just loving it. It means that I pretty much live in activewear and trainers but I’m cool with that.

Getting outdoors and witnessing the seasons has been something I’ve enjoyed for the last few years. But, come rain or shine I’ve done a minimum of two miles everyday this year so far, and I’m so excited for spring to join the party now!

It’s nice too cos I tend to just crack on and off I go, as my partner isn’t too bothered about walks, but he commented how he’s proud of me for smashing it so far and thinks I’ll hit the target by September/October, rather than spreading the miles over the year. That was nice of him to comment and it definitely has spurred me on. Who knows, I might sign up to the 2000 mile challenge next year?!

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