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When an email landed in my inbox asking if I’d like to review the new Liz Earle cleanser, of course I said yes! We all remember the Liz Earle hot cloth hype, and the many dupes that flooded the market afterwards, yet I never got onto the bandwagon. So I was very excited to give this newbie a whirl.

I’ve been using it for the last week, morning and night and oh wow, the Liz Earle effect is real! You might think how can one cleanser differ so vastly from another and I have wondered that but this is truly different.

First impressions

We should probably discuss the texture. It’s a transforming gel cleanser, that becomes almost like an oil/milk hybrid texture when you rub in your fingers before applying to your face.

It smells lovely and even though I use it in the evening after a first cleanse with micellar water first, my skin really does feel so clean and make up/everyday dirt etc, free.

I really am more impressed than I thought I would be and I genuinely look forward to trying more from the Liz Earle brand as it does live up to the hype.

Get 20% off Cleanse and Glow!

I’m working with Liz Earle on this campaign so I do have a discount code to share with you. Click this link https://apprl.com/al/7TSW/ and use the code GLOW to get 20% off plus 20% off the matching toner and selected moisturisers! Bonus! I’ll admit I plan to shop my own code and stock up whilst there’s a discount applied! Hurry though as it ends on Tuesday 22 March!

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