2022: Year of health

I’m taking inspiration from Rebel Wilson and doing my own year of health. A year feels long at the start but we all know how fast it can roll around, especially given how fast the last two years have gone. So what’s a year?

I have a few aims for the next 365 days and I reckon I can stick to them. In 2021 I set myself a couple of challenges. In September I walked 10,000 steps everyday and back in January I completed Dry January. So we go again.

Best get steppin’

I’m bringing back my self-imposed step challenge, starting in January. It’s something to aim for during the dreariness of the worst month. Getting outside to get my steps in is pretty simple especially as I have Molly dogs to walk everyday so adding some extra steps won’t be too hard.

Get back to recipe planning

I do a meal plan every single week, but recently the number of new recipes I’ve tried has dropped dramatically. I have a shelf full of gorgeous cookery books that I love so I’m going to spend some time each month choosing five new recipes that I’ll try. I would love to buy new cookbook’s to add to my growing collection but I don’t need them so trying recipes I haven’t made before is a great compromise. Lol


I have a love/hate relationship with exercise in that I love not doing it and hate it when I am. But, it’s been over two years since I last properly moved my body so maybe in 2022 I’m ready to change that.

I’m going to start with swimming and take it from there. I mean, I used to love swimming in my early twenties. I went a few times a week back then and so a decade (wow) later, why not give it another go? I mean I don’t need to reinvent the wheel…

365 days isn’t that many days in the grand scheme of my whole life so if I can put the effort in and get myself a bit healthier, that can only be a good thing. And if I don’t, then I only have myself to blame. So here we go. 2022 year of health….wish me luck!

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