December has flown over in a whirlwind. I’m sure we can all agree on that one. One minute it’s the first and we’re anticipating the month and festivities ahead of us, and now here we are on 27 December, shocked that once agin it’a gone so fast.

We’ve had a lovely Christmas. The build-up was steady; presents sorted ahead of time, wrapped and under the tree with over a week to go and we saw both sides of our family on the big day, keeping everyone happy.

Now, we’re spending this gorgeous week in between relaxing. Much needed time off work means long dog walks, lie ins, eating all the yummy food despite not hosting at all and just generally taking it easy.

This year is also the first that I’m not in a rush to the tree down. We put it up on that rare snowy Sunday in November, but decided on its new home in the kitchen. This means it’s firmly out the way and out of sight so I’m not feeling the urge to get it down. It’s actually lovely having the twinkly lights illuminating the kitchen each night once it’s dark at 4pm.

I’m not sure I’ll check in again until the new year so have a lovely remainder of your Christmas break, gorge New Years and I’ll see you for more posts in 2022!

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