Cosy autumnal home decor

I think we can all agree that we bloody love a cosy home. This time of year calls for all of the autumnal vibes – whether you decorate for the season or not. I’m in the latter camp and don’t go all out but I do make a couple of cosy additions to make my home my favourite place to be.

Cosy candles and homely scents

I put a lot of thought into how my house smells. A lot of thought. Having a dog means I worry about our sofa smelling a bit doggy, which I really hope it doesn’t so keeping the lounge clean and fresh is one thing, but making it smell nice is a whole other ball game.

I love a reed diffuser and have them in the kitchen, downstairs loo and the living room. And whilst I would love to have The White Company and Jo Malone fragrances all over the house, I tend to go for the brands that ate a bit more purse friendly.

B&M have a range that’s a dupe for Marks and Spencer’s fragrances and they smell incredible. I got the Restore diffuser a few months ago and it’s still smelling strong. So impressed.

I also love a range from Next. The city-inspired scents are gorgeous and smell so fresh and light in my kitchen and living room.

When it comes to candles, I switch them up every few months. I have a Home Bargains crackling candle on the coffee table at the moment which I’m loving and I like how the wooden lid looks against the black metal table. Very industrial vibes.

Flowers – real, dried and artificial

I have dried letter eucalyptus in my lounge and I love it. The pops of green feel so seasonal again our black furniture.

2 responses to “Cosy autumnal home decor”

  1. Amy avatar

    I love a cosy house for autumn – I have candles everywhere at the moment!
    Amy x

    1. Ruth Writes avatar

      Same, it’s definitely the season for it!

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