Tempest on Titheburn Lunch Review

My favourite self care activity is treating myself like the main character. You know, long walks in nature, cooking good food and taking myself out for breakfast, brunch and lunch. And last week I did the latter at Tempest on Tithebarn.

Lunch menu

The new lunch menu packs a punch. With an in-house baker, take your pick from a selection of meat, pescatarian, veggie and vegan sandwiches on bagels or sourdough.

You can choose to have your sandwiches with the soup of the day or shoestring fries. There’s also mac & cheese and a selection of salads. I opted for a home comfort classic – tuna mayo bagel with fries. It was delicious!

The one downside to this place, for me is the drinks menu. But this was easily rectified for the super helpful staff. I don’t drink hot drinks so sadly the plethora of coffees and teas didn’t appeal and I didn’t fancy an alcoholic beverage so there is a gap in the menu for smoothies.

Luckily the staff rustled up a passionfruit mocktail for me, which hit the spot on a Friday afternoon!

This was my second visit to Tempest on Tithebarn and once again I was impressed with the venue, the vibe and the service. Next up I need to visit for dinner!

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