Lighthouse Clothing Raincoat Review  

*AD – gifted

Last autumn I was very kindly gifted a new raincoat from Lighthouse Clothing. I did write a review about it at the time, but my blog went down earlier this year and sadly the post was lost. Now the season has rolled round again, and I’ve worn the jacket in all weathers, I can deliver a more comprehensive review!

Lighthouse Clothing are a gorgeous outerwear brand, who design clothing for all seasons. At the time I was in need of a practical, all-weather coat that would keep me dry but still look the part. This coat has now been on many outdoors walks over the last 12 months, as well as on a couple of trips up to the Lake District.  

I went for the Tori Jacket in pistachio. Whilst green is one of my favourite colours, I also thought this is an easy jacket to wear when I’m nipping into the office, as well as out shopping at the weekend. It’s a great fit and can be worn with a jumper underneath too.  

It does what it says on the tin – it’s first and foremost, a raincoat. It’s been worn during showers and downpours and keeps me dry every time. The brand has lots of lovely pieces that I desperately want to add to my wardrobe. The women’s clothes section is very much goals for those of us who are transitioning in life and find so much joy from the outdoors and comfy clothing!  

I can’t wait to add more from the brand to my wardrobe! 

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