The Dark Kitchen, Allerton Road review

The Dark Kitchen, sounds mysterious, right? Well, it’s the new kid on the Allerton Road block, serving up sushi and plant-based burgers. I can’t lie, the menu excited me greatly! You’ll find The Dark Kitchen where Little White Lies once stood and it’s been transformed into a cool new eatery.  

Sushi x Bae 

The menu is split into two halves – Hello Sushi and Bae Burgers. You’ll find vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat sushi dishes on the menu, including oyster mushroom ‘calamari’ and watermelon ‘tuna’ nigiri as well as nine plant-based burgers, all made using Beyond Meat Free burgers.  

It would have been rude not to give both sides of the menu a whirl for review purposes of course, here’s what we ate:  

  • Tempura Prawn and Avocado  

I’ve only gotten into sushi in the last few years, advancing from the supermarket bought stuff to actual quality sushi. I normally only go for vegetarian or vegan options but tempura prawn and avo just tempted me and it was delicious.  

The sushi menu is super varied and there were lots of different options to choose from.  

  • Big Bae  

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant that isn’t exclusively plant-based, that has quite so many different vegan burgers on offer! I was torn on which one to order between the cheeseburger and The Dark Kitchen’s take on a Big Mac – Bae Mac. My choice didn’t disappoint.  

Perfectly packed with the Beyond Meat patty, salad, gherkins, cheese and that oh so delicious, secret burger sauce, it was pretty good. Like, really good! 

If you’re in the mood for sushi or a plant-based burger in South Liverpool, The Dark Kitchen is a shout. I heard that Whispering Angel is available here too, so if you fancy having a Provence moment on Allerton Road in the sun, get involved! Oh, and there’s a gorge bit of neon signage – perfect for your cute couple photos, selfies and girl’s night pictures!  

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