Gousto Recipe Box Review

Its been a hot minute since I’ve tried Gousto. I actually worked with them back in 2017, when they gifted me a one off box to try and review. You can read that review here but I wasn’t hugely impressed, in comparison to Hello Fresh but that has now changed!

Whilst we’ve eaten predominantly vegetarian for the last three years, Darren had missed meat so to compromise and eventually, teach me how to cook with meat again, a recipe box felt like the way to go. Plus so many people on social media seem to be on the hype so there are plenty of codes to use. The boxes are usually £35 but we got our first box with four meals for £14 , which is a bargain!

Avo pesto spaghetti with roasted tomatoes

This recipe was delicious! It was quick and easy to make but lots of utensils were used so I had quite a bit of washing up afterwards but we’ll definitely be having this again!

Paprika pork burger, apple salad and wedges

This recipe tasted lovely but cooking pork and making sure I didn’t give us food poisoning was stressful so I didn’t enjoy this one as much. But, Darren loved it and he’s said he’ll make this next time so I don’t panic as much! Not too fussy and really filling.

Sticky beef satay wraps

This was delicious! It looks like a hot mess but it tasted so good. SO good and it was so easy. Perfect midweek dinner if you cba cooking properly after work, this was the easiest and satisfying dinner. Would highly recommend!

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