Five cook-at-home/foodie brands I’ve loved during lockdown

I do believe one of the best ‘perks’ if you will, to come out of the last 12 months has been how many restaurants, bars and foodie brands have pivoted to allow and enable home delivery. With cafes, restaurants and bars closed, being able to enjoy the restaurant/coffee shop experience at home has been wonderful.  

I doubt I’m alone in hitting the wall, on average every 10 days or so, when it comes to cooking and meal planning. I cannot wait to go out for food and have someone cook for me. But over the last year, ordering sweet treats and food to cook/bake at home has been the next best thing. Here’s my top five picks:  

Honest Burgers 

We ordered from Honest Burgers twice over the Christmas period and it was wonderful! I really do think they are the kings of burgers and learning the tricks of the trade to make my own was fab. I’d highly recommend ordering the Honest at Home kit to try for yourself – plus there’s a vegan option too.  

Laura’s Little Bakery  

A Liverpool fave, ordered via Lids delivery, I ordered some of Laura’s cupcakes last year for Darren’s birthday and they were such a lovely treat. Number one, they’re delicious and number two, it meant I didn’t have to try and attempt to bake! 

Liverpool Cheese Company  

Another order from last summer, but it’s well worth it. Liverpool Cheese Company run a cheese school and during the pandemic have pivoted to offer that service at home. Enter, DIY Cheese School. Each week they release the week’s ‘kit’ which includes five different cheeses, plus crackers and chutney and a breakdown of each cheese and pairing suggestions.  

 It makes for the perfect Friday night/Sunday afternoon activity with a bottle of red. We loved it! 

A Kind Mama Bakery  

A recent discovery – I wanted to order a friend who’s vegan, some treats and I found A Kind Mama Bakery on Instagram. Based in Manchester, I like the fact that it’s a North West biz and the reviews were great! After hearing her review, I knew we needed in on the action! 

I ordered her limited-edition mini doughnuts and they didn’t disappoint! Travelled well, tasted great and so moreish. Next up to try are the blondies! 

Rudy’s Pizza 

Pizza is usually my takeaway go-to and after a lot of Domino’s deliveries over the last year, it was time to switch it up! Rudy’s have bundles on their website with dessert and drinks or you can order a minimum of four pizzas to bake at home. I went for the latter and it was such a fantastic decision! Can’t wait till the restaurant reopens though so we can have it cooked on site for us! 

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