How to prevent ‘maskne’ 101

Found yourself a victim of the dreaded ‘maskne’ from wearing face coverings when nipping to the shop? Same. Whilst I didn’t buy into the fact that my flare-ups were caused by face mask wearing at first, I can now see a pattern – especially when I’m wearing make-up as well. It seems to be a bacteria-breeding ground frenzy. Just what I want for my face! 

‘Maskne’ as it’s now so lovingly called is acne, breakouts or blemishes caused by wearing a face mask. The humid atmosphere traps bacteria, sweat and dirt causing our skin to well…errupt! 

Last summer I invested in Caroline Hirons skincare book. Actually, it’s more of a bible than a standard how-to book. I followed the tips in accordance with my skin type, switched out the products that I use and invested in new ones. Whilst, on the one hand, I feel great about making these switches, the dreaded mask wear has, at the very least, contributed towards the cluster of angry spots that live on my chin and my neck.  

Ways to treat and prevent maskne 

  • Wash fabric masks after every use 
  • Correctly bin disposable masks after every use 
  • Cleanse every morning and night – double cleansing is the holy grail as it then removes every layer of grime that has built up on our skin.  
  • Don’t be afraid of wearing makeup but do take the time to pay attention to your skincare routine before applying. And take it off as soon as you get home, so your skin can enjoy some much needed make up free time.  

I learnt from reading Caroline’s book that our skin doesn’t ‘breathe’. It’s so tempting to say – I’m letting my skin breathe and I’m absolutely guilty of doing that too. But, I am an advocate for removing my make up as soon as I can. Particularly with work-from-home life at the moment. Once the laptop closes for the evening, off I go to cleanse, tone, moisturise and give my face a break.  

Skincare favourites – January 2021 

Like I mentioned, last year I overhauled the products that I’m actually using on a daily basis and now as we begin February 2021, I thought I would share some empties and everyday favourites that I’m enjoying using.  

Soap and Glory Vitamin C Cleanser – I bought this back in October and I’m nearing the end of it. I use it twice daily and as part of my second cleanse in the evening. It’s lasted ages, my facefeels really clean afterwards and it get rids of stubborn make-up that perhaps hasn’t come off during my first cleanse with micellar water.  

Toil and Trouble Botanical Botox – This is my first pot of this wonder cream and I have a second that I received for Christmas, waiting in the wings. Packed with everyone’s fave – hyrolonic acid, it’s really gentle, smells lovely and I enjoy applying this every morning. As part of my skincare routine, before my SPF.  

Cetaphil Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF50– I’ve always worn SPF within my make-up, normally my foundation but since reading Caroline Hirons book and learning more about how important it is to wear all year round, I’m on a hunt to find a good daily SPF face cream. This one isn’t quite right as it’s still a moisturiser, not just a face SPF but I think I’m on the right track with it being a reputable skincare brand and SPF50. Being so pale, I’m a huge SPF advocate as it is and really want to protect my skin as I’m not getting any younger! 

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