Three Pinch of Nom Recipes We Loved in January

I bought myself the second Pinch of Nom cookbook at the start of January as I read there was quite a few vegetarian recipes in that book. If you’re a longtime reader you’ll know that a few years ago I was a strict Slimming Worlder and lost just shy of two stone. You can read about that here.

Whilst I don’t follow the plan now and weigh myself, I do use a lot of the recipes and Pinch of Nom started as a SW spin off, but the book is set around calories and everything is under 400 calories.

With that said, I’ve loved following the recipes over the last month and each one is really easy and uses ingredients that I buy each week and have in our pantry.

Chilli and Broccoli Stir Fry

8/10 This recipe is my go-to #fakeaway recipe. Really easy to make, easy to switch to veggie by leaving out the king prawns and yummy.

Keema Pie

9/19 I loved making this recipe. It was something a bit different for us and great for a Sunday dinner alternative. I need to nail my quantities as I didn’t have enough mash to the filling but this is one we’ll make time and time again.

Pizza Loaded Fries

10/10 This recipe was a game-changer! The tomato sauce was delicious and a method I’ll be using for homemade pizzas. Really tasty and a great weekend snack/film night treat!

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