3 Design Ideas For a New Build Lounge

3 Design Ideas For a New Build Lounge

2021 means we’ve been in our house for three years come April. Wild. I follow lots of new build accounts in Instagram and it’s so interesting to see how other people decorate and update their homes to add character and personality.

We have new sofa arriving in a matter of weeks so our lounge will change again! But I thought I’d share four decorating hacks I love and what we’ve done with our space.

I probably should say that our style is very minimal, monochrome and modern. We went all grey when we first moved in but we’ve gone towards black furniture and beige, rattan accessories. Not too trend-led but a very chilled, and to some, boring vibes!

Black furniture

I picked up our coffee table back in 2016 from John Lewis in the sale and that sparked my love for simplistic, black furniture.

I’m not a fan of brown furniture in all honesty, so this works so well for us.


Panelling is a recent trend that really gives a new build, character. I’d love to panel the back wall in our kitchen as I think it would work really well in that space. I think it would make our lounge too busy, but here are a few Insta accounts that do it so well!

Styling a bay window

We’re very lucky to have a bay window in our lounge as it makes them room feel so much bigger and is a lovely addition to the room.

We have both curtains and blinds in our bay and I’ve accessoried with a large vase and faux flowers and two small photo frames. Not too fussy yet the tall vase makes a feature of the space in the bay!

Here’s a few Insta accounts of new builds with lovely bay windows!

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