Let’s Talk Jewellery

Christmas is fast approaching and when it comes to gifts from my other half, I do love the gift of jewellery. Astrid and Miyu is a brand I love at the minute. I love their earrings collection. I’ve had a couple of pairs of studs and huggy hoops from them and I hope to find another pair under the tree this year. Jewellery brands I love There are many techniques you can use when cleaning your jewellery. You don’t have to take them to a jeweller to get them professionally cleaned every time, there are many ways you can clean them from the comfort of your own home. Listed below are a few ways. How to clean silver If you don’t have any silver polish, then there are some alternatives you could try. Using dish soap is one of them. Mix up a few drops of dish soap with warm water, then dip a soft cloth in and used it to rub the silver. Baking soda is another alternative, use this for more of a deeper clean. Mix three parts of baking soda to one part of warm water. This will create a paste-like substance. Then, using a soft cloth, rub the paste into the piece of jewellery. With both methods, make sure you rinse well after and then buff with a lint free cloth. Cleaning gold jewellery To clean gold, bathe your jewellery in a mixture of dish soap and warm water for roughly five minutes. Once bathed, rinse them off with warm water and place them onto a strainer. If you have chains or crevices in your jewellery then brush with a small soft toothbrush to get rid of any trapped dirt. Once cleaned and rinsed, buff with a soft cloth. Although they are the toughest stone to exist, diamonds still need to be taken care of, whether it is a 1 carat diamond or a 50 carat diamond. Begin cleaning your diamonds but soaking them in warm water and washing up liquid for roughly half an hour. Then with a soft brush, rub the jewelry to remove any tough trapped dirt, ensure you brush the base of the diamond as specks of dirt can build up here particularly. Taking Care Of Your Jewellery Avoid leaving your jewellery in sunlight; this can cause damage to many metals. Store your jewellery correctly to avoid any mishaps or dirt build-up. Ensure to remove your ring when washing your hands, cleaning the house or applying lotion. This will help keep your jewellery grime free. If you are heading out for a swim, then opt to leave your jewellery at home. The chlorine and saltwater can be damaging for your jewellery.

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