Easy Mustard Recipes

Easy Mustard Recipes
*AD – Paid-for Collaboration

I really want to get back into sharing recipes this year, as I cook from scratch around four times a week, yet presentation isn’t my strong point so I often think my food I cook doesn’t look the best, even though it tastes delicious. One gripe when cooking is a meal taking way longer than necessary, i.e. over half an hour in the kitchen just to eat something in five minutes and often using far too many pans and utensils. This is where my love of one-pit dishes comes into play, and in recent months, my love of the Green Roasting Tin cookery book – its amazing and I would highly recommend buying a copy if you want to cook more from scratch do your bit for the planet with more veggie and vegan meals.

This post today is in collaboration with Frank and French’s mustard who is from the Schwartz family of seasonings. American-style mustard isn’t something we usually have in the cupboards, if I’m honest and it reminds of having a hotdog at IKEA, but I was determined to find a recipe/meal that we love, regularly eat and incorporate it into the meal. I’ve been advised that the best place to get your hands on it, is Tesco and I can confirm, it’s really good mustard, so defo add it to your next weekly shop! So, here we go…

Veggie Loaded Chips with Avocado & Mustard

I’m such a potato fan. Fried, mashed, baked, so loaded chips is a no-brainer. I follow an old Slimming World recipe to make my chips and swear by par-boiling them first and then cooking in the oven. I found this particular recipe for Veggie Loaded Chips on the Good Food website, which is a firm fave. Paprika roasted chips cooked with melted cheese, roasted red peppers, a shed load of cheese and avocado and mustard to top off. This was the ultimate dirty fries recipe, which actually isn’t horrifically bad for you. Each of the flavours compliment each other really well, and the mustard is such a nice touch with the sweetness of the paprika.

Chipotle Roasted Sweetcorn with Sweet Potato & Feta

Next up, was a recipe I’ve made a couple of times now from the Green Roasting Tin cookery book. This is so simple and so, so tasty. You literally bung all of the ingredients in your roasting tin, wack it in the oven and then add the feta, spring onion and sour cream on the side, when your serving. The first time I made this recipe I didn’t have any cumin so went full throttle with the chipotle. That was a mistake as wow, it was spicy. Toned down with the cumin and the generous dollop of sour cream, it was perfect. I can’t get over how well the corn cooks in the oven – it’s so soft and literally falls off the cob, it’s almost bbq’d! This is such an easy dinner and I serve with rice-stuffed roasted peppers on the side. Would 10/10 reccomend!

*Schwartz have sent me French’s mustard for review, but all opinions are my own.

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