Why Ageing Doesn’t Phase Me

I honestly can’t believe I’m 32 already. The two years since my thirtieth birthday has flown over and I’m now firmly in the early 30s camp and it’s so true what they say – all your cares and worries shift once you leave your twenties and you realign your priorities.

Body confidence – all of the insecurities you have in your twenties, melt away when you reach your thirties. It’s like all the fears you have and all worries ingrained from social media, negative fast fashion brands and comparisons melt away. Looking at the picture in this post from my birthday last week, I honestly think I look great. And everyone should carry that confidence as we won’t get this time again. We’ll never be the age we are right now again, so embrace it. Be you. And be proud of you and the body you’re in.

Cherish your relationships – romantic, friendship or family, you really learn who’s in your circle and ready to fight your corner. Friendships strengthen and you unite – whatever your circumstances and I’m very lucky to have such a solid circle around me. In terms of romantic relationships, my love for my fiance has definitely grown deeper over the years and we rely on eachother far more than ever before. Relationships aren’t always sunshine and flowers, but having a forever ally, team mate and constant support is so appreciated.

Money and career – I can personally vouch for placing mental health and happiness over turning in to just another job. Money is needed and we can’t deny that as it does make the world go round and open doors. But, priorities change and it’s understanding what you need, financially to care for yourself, your home and the people/pets that you’re accountable for. In terms of work, my priorities have shifted. Working for and with companies that have views that align with mine, presents the opportunity to have fun and take pride in my work is key.

Using my voice – 2020 has been a worldwind in terms of a global pandemic, political agendas and racial discrimination finally, taking centre stage across the Western world media. Having the luxury of being able to use my voice to share key messaging surrounding sexism, homophobia, racial discrimination and more is necessary. I have plans to use my Influencer Marketing Queens Instagram account for good and to promote diverse content creators in a regular manner. In order to diversify our feeds and the images we consume, I’m pledging to put my words into action and make seeing all body types, skin tones and able and disabled bodies the norm.

These are the four pledges I’m making from here on in and ways I’ve recognised that my priorities and attitudes towards myself, my personal life, career and messaging I consume.

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