5 Local Dog Walks We Love

Weekends these days are all about getting out with Miss Molly and finding new routes to stretch our legs and enjoy the changing seasons.

This year I’ve really appreciated being outdoors more than ever and I’m thankful that we have Molls forcing us out on daily walks and getting our steps up. Darren even got me a Fitbit so I can track my steps, especially with working from home so I get out each day.

Oglet Shore

This is our closest walk from our front door, just 15 mins away. Our area is very built up and I do really miss greenery. So being able to get here in 15 mins on foot is great. Molls can run and run and if we time it well, we can get down to the shore and the estuary path before it gets too busy with people. This year alone, we must get down here nearly every weekend and seeing the trees change colour is lovely.

Calderstones Park

We’re spoilt for choice with parks. Caldies is our fave because it’s easier to stay away from other people and dogs. We tend to walk round the edge, keeping clear of the dreaded playground! Another one that’s lovely at every time of year and a much needed oasis in the heart of south Liverpool.

Crosby Beach

We don’t get up to the beach as often as we probably should. Definitely not as often as we used when we lived in Ormskirk. But when we do, we always vow to get over there more often.

Molly loves it as it must be a novel change to run on sand rather than on grass and through puddles!

Hale Head Lighthouse

Another walk we can do from our front door. If we continue on from Oglet Shore along the coastal path, we can very easily get up to Hale Head. When pubs opened up in the summer, we’d often walk up for a cider in the sun before turning round and walking home again!

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