2021 – What’s Next?

Another New Year has passed us by and we’ve put 2020 to bed. I’m feeling confident about 2021 and to be honest, 2020 wasn’t the worst year on record for me and mine.

Actually, it was a good year for prioritising. We went on our first holiday in three years up to Coniston in the Lake District, which was wonderful. We spent more quality time together than ever before. I left an old job which was past its sell-by date and got a wonderful new job and passed my probation period in December!

Well, I’m not sure. But I do know that I want to eat a bit healthier, get back to eating my greens after a very beige December. I’m cutting back on how much alcohol I drink, because at my big age of 32 and a half, I’ve realised I feel alot better without it and I want to keep up my new found walking habit from 2020.

No longer just walking to walk the dog cos she needs it. Actually I need it too and I really look forward to getting out each day.

I got my shellac nails done a grand total of four times in 2020, inbetween lockdowns and so I’m not bothering for the foreseeable. Back in 2013 I had an extensive Essie nail varnish collection and it seems like I should have kept some cos I’m now building the collection again in 2021.

I picked up three shades in Boots and with working from home continuing, none actually sees my nails bar me, so it’s just something to help me feel like me.

Next up is cooking. It’s not new information that I love to cook but even I’ve fell out of love with it in spells during lockdowns. One way to overcome this is treating myself to new cookery books! I want to eat a bit healthier this year and try and lose a bit of weight so the Pinch of Nom books look like a great starting point!

A new brand I discovered last year, having bought myself and received in my stocking for Christmas was Toil and Trouble. I’m loving using the Botanical Botox every day and I want to try a few other products in the range in 2021. It’s a local independent brand and would highly recommend!

I’m not setting any resolutions or holding myself to any crazy decisions this early in the year. I’m actually looking forward to another slow year and I can’t wait for summer to return so we can get outside- my favourite time of year! Lets see how it pans out!

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