Dressing My Fiance for Autumn – A/W Trends

With the autumn in full swing, I love layering up my outfits from the colder weather, but what about your man looking stylish at the same time? The current trends for men’s fashion are going back in time, and it’s true that history does, in fact, repeat itself because plaid checked shirts and 90’s bucket hats are here to stay.

I’m always trying to make subtle introductions into Darren’s wardrobe, here are some of the popular trends you’ll find in men’s fashion this autumn.

Vintage Inspired

90’s fashion has undoubtedly made a comeback across the last few seasons, but you can expect to see a homage again to the decade that brought us the logo-heavy brands, tracksuits and dungarees. If you want to kick your fashion back to the nineties, then the bucket hat is a staple purchase. Made famous by the Gallagher brothers at Glastonbury, this fairly questionable headwear is certainly not going anywhere fast.


The iconic plaid was back on the catwalk during fashion week in London, Milan, New York, Florence and Paris, in a variety of colours. This style has graduated from the traditional form of shirts and is now appearing on tailored suits and long overcoats. It probably won’t be long until it’s perfectly acceptable to go out and about, head to toe in this pattern.

Western Style

The western style trend has been floating around for a while now particularly with cowboy-inspired boots on the shelves of every major fashion outlet. This classic American style was emphasised on the catwalk by many of the designers. Chunky belts and plaid shirts are associated with this trend. Some of the shirts on John Henric have the same loud patterns you’d find with this western style.


The saving grace for those who hate the colder months, layering is another notable trend for this season. And when it comes to layering, you can never have too much of it. Playing with textures and different materials, try partnering a gilet with a suit jacket or a long knit cardigan over a roll-neck jumper. You can really experiment with layering, and it’s interesting to see what works and what doesn’t.


Another pattern to have in the wardrobe is pinstripes. The vertical stripes compliment the body shape and help those of shorter stature to appear taller. It’s also a very slimming design so whether it’s on the trousers or a full piece suit, this pattern will flatter any figure.


Just like the 90’s trend, leather is making a comeback. From trench coats to combat boots, this sleek material is not just for biker jackets anymore. Embracing the Matrix vibe, why not go for a patent, ultra-long trench coat and accessorise it with tiny sunglasses.

Hopefully this roundup has given you some inspo for re-styling your man’s wardrobe. There’s certainly a heavy sense of nostalgia this season which is sure to be loved by many, particularly those who grew up in the 90’s.

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