Balancing Work & Play – Almost Famous Xmas Menu & Dog Walks

Balancing Work & Play – Almost Famous Xmas Menu & Dog Walks

It’s that time of year where the big C word is starting to creep up in conversations and I’m aware that I’ve only got a couple of paydays left between now and the big day…but it also means M&S xmas sandwiches will be in meal deals soon and we all must have seen that foot-long pig in blanket that Aldi are rolling out this year *insert heart eye emoji here*

But it also means for us bloggers that we continue to make the rest of the world well jeal by being invited to fancy stuff; including Almost Famous Christmas menu! So indulgent, excessive and yummy.

This whopping burger had burger meat, pig in blanket, a sausage roll and loads of extra good stuff stuffed between each patty. It was defo a handful and I enjoyed every second of shoving it in my gob!

Almost Famous Liverpool Christmas Menu

I’m spending my weekends loving the nicer weather we’ve had lately. God, that must be the dullest sentence I’ve ever written.

Hale village is just down the road from us and walking Molly through the woods and along the estuary is just so nice and refreshing. Having a bit of green space and quiet and is so good for the soul after a week in work and I love the balance of work and blog stuff through the week then throwing my activewear on and no make-up on a weekend.

Balance is the key to life, right?

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