Five A/W Trends I’ll Be Wearing This Autumn

Five A/W Trends I’ll Be Wearing This Autumn

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It’s not often that I visit these shops these days, or even do much clothes shopping. Having spent a lot of the last 12 months in major saving mode, I rarely shop new trends – often choosing to try and adapt the current contents of my wardrobe to fit whatever colour, pattern or print is ‘in’ that season.

However, as A/W draws closer, I’m loosening my purse strings and making little investments, adding new items to my wardrobe to help switch things up a little. I’m lucky in the sense that my workplace doesn’t have a uniform or dress code, just smart casual is the order of the day so I can rock up to work in jeans and trainers or a dress and boots if the mood takes me.

It also means getting dressed in the morning can take anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on what I feel like wearing that day!

My style differs in the sense that, I love to dress quite fashionable and ‘on-trend’ whilst also making sure I dress my figure… aka, my huge ass and hips. The lovely team at the Coliseum Shopping Park on the Wirral got in touch to ask if I’d like to explore the new trends coming into the shops, so I took it as a sign that I need to switch up my clothes, mainly so I stop wearing the same things every day/week/month and it gave me the perfect excuse for a shopping trip!

  • Mustard Everrrrythang

I love yellow. Mustard yellow to be precise and as soon as I stepped foot into New Look, it was all around. Literally. Coats, boots, pinafore dresses, long sleeve tops crying out to be layered. (I bloody love to layer). It was all here.

New Look is such a fave of mine – cos A. they always have the latest trends, B. it’s really reasonably priced and C. they wash well. You might not realise now, but clothes that don’t fall to pieces after one spin is essential!

I’m such a boots kinda girl and I’ve had mine back out since the first of September, so I was so here for all of the different heel heights and colours in New Look. Those red ones were just dreamy!

  • Very Berry

Burgundy and plum shades are a staple during A/W. They just scream ‘let’s get cosy’ and keep warm. H&M was my next port of call, I loved these slightly dressier pieces – huggable puffa coats and cute cami’s were the order of the day and it’s such a lovely shade to wear. Almost as synonymous with autumn as the blogger basic, a pumpkin spice latte.

  • Cher Horowitz Vibes

Hellooo Clueless vibes. Topshop had it all going on and more. I haven’t been or shopped in Topshop in years tbh, but as soon as I spotted the cute yellow check shirt of dreams and a gorgeous pink faux fur jacket, I did wonder where the hell I’ve been all this time?

I loved the teddy jacket on the model below – so cosy with cute collar detail. I’d love to wear that over a denim pinafore dress with tights and brown over the knee boots (makes a mental note to return to shop for this exact outfit) at the weekend.

This outfit is SO me. I actually have a green spot shirt that I haven’t worn in ages and was going to put away for summer next year, but the model below has given me so much inspo on how to make it work through autumn.

I legit, ADORE the pink faux – if you know me, you know I’m partial to a colourful faux fur! Add the hoops to the party and I’m here for it!

  • Office chic

Whilst I said I don’t have a dress code for work, we do tend to dress a little smarter during client meetings and I spotted these next few items in Outfit – I think they’re a mix of Topshop Petite and Dorothy Perkins, but I loved the cute pussybow detail on the shirt below and the striped shirt. Perfect for dressing up or down with straight leg trousers or jeans.

  • Leopard Love

Lastly, I ventured into River Island. My fave high street shop of choice.

Leopard print anything and I’m sold. So, when I spotted the coat below, I had to get a little closer to give it a feel. Does anyone else do that? Have to feel everything in shops? Darren goes mad at me for it, but I just love feeling textures and fabrics.

Thank you to the Coliseum Shopping Centre for inviting me along to check out and shop some of the latest trends! 

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