Derma V10 Clay Masks Review

I love a pamper sesh and having my new dressing room space in the new house (how long can I keep calling it new after living for here three months?!) means I can take myself upstairs, now Love Island has finished for a pamper.

Derma V10 is a brand I first came across a few years ago. Making their way into the buge skincare market with budget products that work just as well as slightly pricier items. Stocked in Savers and Bodycare, Derma V10 has a rather impressive range of products under their belt – skincare, body lotions and hair dye to name just a few.

So when the lovely Derma V10 team got in touch asking if I’d like to review the clay masks – of course I bloody would!

Derma V10 Clay Masks

There’s three different clay masks to try –

  • Red algae designed to brighten the skin
  • Charcoal to detox
  • Eucalyptus to purify the skin

I’ve given each of the three masks a whirl when I felt my skin needed a little summin’ summin’.

I love the thickness of the mask and each one has a lovely scent to it. It easily glides onto the skin making it simple to apply and it doesn’t feel itchy or too thick when drying.

My fave out of the three so far has been to the eucalyptus; I applied when I felt a break-out was looming under the skin and I’d had a heavy make-up day and wanted to give my skin a break and soothe it before another day of heavy make-up loomed.

Sold for just £1.99 each, they’re a cheaper version of the popular L’Oreal masks and I would be tempted to go for these over the more known name brands.

It’s a thumbs up from me Derma V10!

2 responses to “Derma V10 Clay Masks Review”

  1. Ah wow it’s great that these are so affordable. I do love the L’Oréal ones, but maybe I will give these a go! Thanks for the review x

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