An Introduction to Soap & Glory Bodycare

I’m a long-time fan of Soap and Glory products and they’re my go-to when I fancy a pamper sesh. I read this post from I Like Tweet this morning asking if skincare is the new self-care and I couldn’t agree more. Taking the time to lock myself in the bathroom with a range of products to soak, steam and scrub leaves me feeling so refreshed.

Soap and Glory is a brand that’s been in my bathroom for years. Every Christmas I hope that Darren will have taken his annual trip to Boots in an attempt to secure me the huge bumper pack of goodies at a discount price.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be selected to join the Soap and Glory new micro-bloggers project, aptly names ‘Babes of Glory‘. Receiving just two mini’s added my never-ended and always evolving collection.

Ill go on record to say that no body wash shaves your legs (and other bits…) as well as the Sugar Crush Body Wash and my small but mighty bottle of Heel Genius has been a god-send during the heatwave that seems to never end. Layering up before bed after using Scrub of Your Life pretty much all over my body has left my feet feeling brand new after wearing sandals pretty much daily for the last three months… summer, pls never end.

I love to blog about old faithful products as well as new and an ode to Soap & Glory felt more than apt. Plus I really wanted to take some blog photos in my new bathroom and I think these worked a treat!

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