Beauty // Indeed Labs Skincare Review

I’m sure you know how much I love discovering new skincare launches and trying new products. Whilst I’m brand loyal when it comes to some products; Estee Lauder for foundation or L’Oreal for mascara for example, I think the skincare market is huge and there are so many cool brands bringing new things to the market.

Indeed Labs got in touch and I was excited to explore the brand a little more and I’ve been trialling two of their skincare products for the last few weeks. The two launches -are due to launch in Boots stores this month and they’re stocked on the brand’s website too.

  • Moisture Jelly
  • Moisture Serum

Both of the products are designed to be applied to freshly cleaned skin in the morning and once again at night.

I’ve been wearing the serum as a primer underneath my make up and the moisture jelly to almost give my skin a drink at the end of the day.

Using just a thin layer of each, the translucent skincare gliders into the skin.

The moisture jelly has a handy push down lid making it super easy to use just the right amount of product everytime!

I’d say, after just 2 weeks of using these products daily, I’m seeing the benefits in my skin and look forward to discovering more products from the collection soon as it officially launches in Boots this month!

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