Life // Is It Embarrassing to Rent in Your 30’s?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a ‘from the heart’ blog post around here. Without sounding too ‘Dear Diary’ this is one of those topics that I think about often, cos it’s my life. And as we all know, Instagram is the devil for making us feel like we’re not where everyone else in life is up to. Oh and comparison is the thief of joy.

I’m nearly 30. Two months away, in fact. And the bf is just one month away. We rent a house. Well, we’re on our second rented property and soon to be third, as our landlord is selling. TBC as no one’s made an offer and we’re saving for a rental deposit. We’ve started viewing houses and whilst we can’t really afford to be picky, some have been less than ideal….

So, is it embarrassing to still be renting, a million miles away from the property ladder and nowhere near a house deposit in the bank? In my relationship, we differ. He wishes we were further along. I think our parents worry we’re one of the statistics you hear about on the news.

Do I wish I had a home of my own to cherish and the ability to paint walls any colour other than magnolia? Absolutely. But I don’t feel the shame of it. Especially as homelessness is such a massive issue across the country at the moment and having a place to call home is something to be treasured.

We’re lucky in the sense that we have all of our furniture after replacing it all over the last 18 months and it’s very much to our taste.

Whilst renting can be expensive and stressful when landlords decide to sell, we have the choice of where we want to live without being tied down to an area. We’ve lived in our current area for the last two years and whilst it’s nice, we don’t necessarily need to live there.

With our next move we’re looking to move to a cheaper area – something we can hopefully do with ease.

Whilst it does feel like everyone else in the world has got their sh*t together and have managed the impossible and saved for a house deposit, we’re in limbo land.

Comparison is the thief of joy – a quote I found out recently is taken from the bible and my god, do I believe it to be true.

I need to remember that Instagram isn’t real life and whilst my life appears to be all meals out, drinks and make up, nearly all of it is through this blog and it allows us or go out and have a life to stop us going mad whilst we save every penny.

Not everything is as it appears through a filter and no matter how much you hashtag you’re #havingaball….are you really, hun?

This post is very much a brain dump and I wanted to rant, rather than just talk about the contents of this months Birchbox….which actually, I Really enjoyed and I’ve used every product so far.

4 responses to “Life // Is It Embarrassing to Rent in Your 30’s?”

  1. Debs avatar

    Aww well done for venting.
    Trust me, I own my flat in Cambridge and I am constantly broke because of it! There are so many annoying things that come up, which you as the owner have to sort out.
    Renting isn’t so bad, I think you have a good mindset with it.
    I hope it all happens for you, but when it’s meant to 🙂
    Love, debs xxx

    1. Ruth Writes avatar

      Thank you! Yep, I defo get that the grass isn’t always greener and renting isn’t the worst. Perspective is key! xx

  2. sherylvanaken avatar the house! Don’t over buy and you won’t regret it. We bought our first, small, starter house when we were solidly IN our 30s. Now that we are a little older, it seems like a lifetime ago. We’ve been able to buy smartly (worst house in the best ‘hood, X2) and now are looking forward to downsizing. Our kids are growing up and will start college soon. We’ll be on solid ground thanks to our home purchases.

    1. Ruth Writes avatar

      Thanks for the advice. We’re in the process of buying at the minute so keep your fingers crossed for us!

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