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Skincare is one of my favourite topics to feature on the blog because there’s no greater feeling than getting home from work, changing into your pj’s, taking your make up off and slathering your skin in varying bottles of moisturiser, night cream and serums.

Well, it’s my fave, anyway. So, when the lovely team at Protocol got in touch asking if I’d like to trial and review their latest product launch, I was all for it.

I hadn’t heard of the brand before but the product intrigued me. Described as a collagen-based serum, I was eager to get my hands on the product and see how it faired in comparison to the rest of my skincare collection.

4 Week Trial

I like to test new products out over time to see how my skin reacts and if I notice any difference. As it’s quite an all-rounder product and has the promise of fast results in less than 8 hours (meaning your skin can have a visible difference in the same time of an average night’s sleep!), I was keen to put this to the test.

Throughout the past 4 weeks, I’ve switched up when I’ve used the product, dependant on when I felt tired and needed to tackle my eye bags or if I could spot wrinkles under my eyes and around my mouth, creeping to the surface.

It has quite a thick consistency and it feels nice when applied to the skin.

The new release is from the Protocol Collagen Collection of skincare products and it’s designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.  Perfect for dull-looking complexions, or people with skin that has a bumpy texture or eye bags. It’s ideal for all ages whether you want a skin boost or want to tackle fine lines.

My Skin

Whilst I don’t think I have that many wrinkles…yet (my 30th birthday is just three months away!) I do suffer from deep eye bags which I really notice in photos, despite getting about 7 hours sleep a night, using this product has helped to tackle them and I can see a small, visible difference.

Selling for £27.99, I’d class this is as a luxe skincare product and one to invest in if you’re looking to try collagen-based products for the first time or simply want to tackle wrinkles and fine lines head-on.

*I was gifted this product in exchange for an honest review

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