Review // Rumi By Bukhara, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool

Thanks to this little blog of mine, we’re very lucky ducks who have been treated to many a lovely meal, in exchange for a review. Sometimes, it’s nice but not somewhere you’d rush back for, some you have high expectations about but then it’s not all that, and then every now and again, a find like the Rumi by Bukhara comes along. Unassuming and indifferent on the outside, but the home to amazing food at very purse-friendly prices. A definite 10/10….

Rumi first hit the radar when I spotted a babble of local Liverpool bloggers in attendance late last year. Located on Mount Pleasant, just a stones throw from Central and Lime Street, we were yet to venture up there but from what I’d heard and the evidence posted on Instagram, I had a feeling it would be good.

As I mentioned earlier, from the outside the unassuming eatery has a very casual, relaxed vibe and is a trio of a cafe by day, restaurant by night plus a one-stop for gelato, sundaes and waffles. Sounds pretty perfect, huh?

We visited at 5pm which appeared to be transition time. The venue from first entering seems to be quite small, but has an air of mystery and a slightly Narnia vibe as the restaurant continues around the back of the shop front, providing additional seating for evening guests who are visiting the Indian restaurant.

With a constant flow of customers, and a varied and extremely tempting menu, we were keen to get involved. Whilst I was super tempted by the kebabs on offer, I decided to resist temptation and treat myself to a much-craved Indian.

What We Ate

Ordering from the main, restaurant menu, we began our feast with a couple of popadoms each and a chutney tray. Each of the chutneys tasted very authentic, for example the mango chutney tasted just as the fruit should, as opposed to the jar’s we’re used to. We enjoyed a game of chutney roulette, working out which one had a kick and who would give up first. Spoiler alert, it was me.

To start, I opted for the Chicken Tikka, whilst Darren went for the Afghani Lamb Tikka. Both very succulent cuts of meat, tender and packed with flavour. Very satisfying and left us eager to try our main courses.

Karahi King Prawns and Daal Makhani were our main course choices with a side of mushroom rice each and a pashwari naan to share.

One of the great things about the restaurant is, each main dish on the menu provides the option to be tailored to your taste buds – whether you prefer your curries to be mild, medium or hot is completely at your mercy.

The prawns were for Darren and he likes his food to be hot with a serious spice kick. He requested his dish to be extremely spicy. Sadly, whilst it didn’t quite live up to his request, the prawns were extremely succulent, and flavoursome, thanks to the garlic, lime juice and ginger in the dish.

I opted for a vegetarian main course, as I like to dabble and try new things. The lentils were very soft and tasted lovely with the kidney beans. Full of flavour and really enjoyable with the fluffy mushroom rice. Spot on.

We also need to give a shout-out to the pashwari naan. A pashwar, as we call it, is our bread of choice and we know a good one when we see it. This, my friends, was delicious. Lovely grilled naan, packed with coconutty goodness. Yum. I’m actually making myself hungry writing this up.

I know Rumi is on Just Eat. Seriously tempted to order just a naan bread. And maybe one of the kebabs, cos I know I need to return to try one of those for sure.


So, how much is it?

Rumi is a dry restaurant, so no alcohol and it has a relaxed vibe, which we loved. As in, head along in your jumper, jeans and trainers and prepare to be leave well fed. Our meal of three courses, two small scoops of gelato and a couple of cans of pop came in at less than £45.

For large portions and freshly cooked food, in my humble opinion, it’s a steal. We absolutely will return, and I strongly suggest you hot-foot it along to. You won’t be disappointed.

*Thank you to Rumi by Bukaha for inviting us along for a complimentary meal for 2, in exchange for this truly honest review.

4 responses to “Review // Rumi By Bukhara, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool”

  1. It took all of my strength not to lick the screen! It looks and sounds absolutely delicious. I’m totally on Team Pashwar too 😉

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