Food // Pancake Day Recipes with ASDA

I think we’re all in agreement that Shrove Tuesday at the best thing about Easter (apart from the eggs of course…) cos it means we get to celebrate Pancake Day! Whether you’re more sweet than savoury, it doesn’t matter because any opportunity to stack them high and pile with your favourite toppings is good with me!

I alternate between taking the easy option with a pancake mix shaker and perfecting my fave pancakes recipe. Making sure you’ve used the right amount of flour, milk and whisked your pancake mix to just the right consistency, is tough. The struggle is real.

So, when Birkenhead Asda got in touch, asking me to review a variety of the homeware kitchen equipment to perfect my pancake making technique, whilst trying out a couple of my tried and tested toppings ahead of the big day, how could I resist?

If you read my going dairy-free post, you’ll know I’m on a mission to cut dairy products from my diet, so as well reviewing two of the Tefal non-stick pans and a whole host of new kitchen utensils, which FYI look very snazzy indeed making themselves at home in my kitchen, we were kindly gifted a variety of free-from toppings. Winning.

The Review

The pancake prep kit included the following –

Tefal Non-stick Unicorn Pancake Pans
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
George Home Silicone Baking Utensils

Getting the measurements correct can be a nightmare – I will no longer have this problem, my friends!

From an aesthetic POV, I loved each of the items included in the pack. The sleek stainless steel design matches our black & red kitchen to a T and I’m super happy with the look and feel.

Each of the baking utensils showcased exactly why I’d been missing them in my kitchen up until now. Guesswork will be a thing of the past, thanks to the measuring cups and scales. This means my recipes will actually feed just the two of us from here on in, rather than the whole ‘feeding the 5000’ vibes I often create when making simple baking recipes and end up with A LOT of leftovers.

In regards to the utensils, after just over two years of ownership and daily use, the rubber had actually begun to melt, so replacing them was imminent and I really like the look and feel of these. And at just £2 each, there’s literally no excuse not to add a couple to the trolley during your big shop.

What about the pans I hear you ask? Well.  We’ve been deliberating about replacing all of our pans with a fancypants new Tefal collection, so the two pans provided the perfect opportunity to try the brand. Our thoughts? They were a dream.

Non-stick is absolutely the way forward and once we’d whisked the life out of our pancake mix, we struck dynamite. The shallow design of the pan prevents you from over-pouring too much of the mix, leaving your pancakes, light and airy. And having two pans on the go at once meant we could take it in turns to practise our flipping skills and each indulge in our fave toppings.

Talk us through your toppings

We have a divided household when it comes to loading those bad boys. Darren is a lemon and sugar man all the way. Me? I like to add a lil summin’ to my pancakes. So, I went in on the choc shot and coconut yoghurt in one and classic honey and lemon on another.

I’m also thinking of making savoury pancakes on the big day. Spinach, bacon and mushroom crepes are calling my name.

If you’re prepping your kitchen ready for Pancake Day on the 13th February, hit foot it down to your local ASDA to stock up on the essentials to make sure you have a flipping good Shrove Tuesday!

*This post was sponsored by Asda and George at Asda

4 responses to “Food // Pancake Day Recipes with ASDA”

  1. Well i’m glad i read this the day before Pancake day. I really want to pick up those pans!
    Loved the recipe choices too!

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