Review // Chy, Waterloo

Before I get into writing this post, I have a confession to make….I’ve never really been a fan of Chinese food. I much prefer to order or head to an Indian restaurant when it comes to choosing between the two.

So, when the opportunity came up to head along to Chy Chinese Restaurants in Waterloo, I was slightly hesitant but decided to broaden my horizons (and please my bf who doesn’t eat Chinese food as often as he’d like) and I’m so glad I did!

Chy is the third in the trio of family owned branches to open in Merseyside. Along with the two sister restaurants in the City Centre and on Lark Lane, the Waterloo eatery opened 12 months ago, and what a fantastic addition!


Making the journey to Chy meant my first trip to Waterloo. It was super easy to get to, just 10 minutes on the train from Sandhills and located on South Road, it’s just a minutes walk from the station. And as any foodie will tell you, it’s always worth travelling for good food!

The Menu

As any great Chinese, the menu was extensive and packed with your favourites. From soup to starters and every main you could have a craving for, it’s easy to find something on the menu to suit every palette.

With a set menu of three dishes available daily until 7.30pm for less than £14 or the main menu, with no dishes over £13, it’s a pocket pleaser and easy to fill your boots for a family of four.

So, what did we eat?

Each table is provided with prawn crackers and a selection of dips to enioy as you read the menu and consider drinks.

To start, we wanted to satisfy our rumbling tummies so my dining partner opted for hot and sour soup to start with salt and pepper chicken wings. Both portions were generous and I have it on great authority that both dishes were well flavoured, not too overly seasoned and the chicken was perfectly succulent.

For myself, I was torn between vegetable spring rolls or prawn toast, so threw caution to the wind and opted for both. To share, of course. Obvs.

Both dishes were fresh and very moreish. Just what you want on a Saturday night.

Moving onto mains, I went with my old faithful, shredded chicken with onions and peppers in satay sauce and boiled rice.

The other half chose king prawns in black bean sauce with peppers and onions. Served with a side of noodles.

Both perfectly portioned, satisfying and what we hoped would be on the menu.

The service in Chy was speedy, the restaurant was very busy on the Saturday night we visited with new and old customers making their way through the door and great tentative staff. Yes, we headed along for a review, but when a place is popular with returning customers and people enjoying their food and company on a Saturday night, you know you’ve stumbled across a great new place to eat.

Throw in the set menu and a couple of drinks and you’ve got a nice little date night venue, with change from £50. If I’ve sold you, get a table booked and head down. You won’t be disappointed.

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