Blogmas // Winter Candle Picks

Blogmas // Winter Candle Picks

It it even Christmas if you don’t light all your candles in your house and buy a dedicated Winter/Christmas candle to burn whilst you’ve got the tree up? Yeah, I thought not. I bloody love a candle. When we see people talking about candles on telly, Darren often says, you love a candle you don’t you?

And I do. I love lighting them when we’re all cosy on the sofa after a day in work and how the smell fills the living room. I have a variety of Yankee Candles that I switch up depending on the time of year and some that are just for show.

So, here’s a run-down of my current faves!

  • White Winter. I actually picked this up in Aldi a while ago when the tree went up as I’ve changed our colour scheme this year to white and silver so it matches perfectly! It looks so much like a more expensive brand that I often lust after so for less that £3 I couldn’t say no!
  • Warm Apple and Cinnamon. This is one of the Home Bargains, Yankee Candle dupes and I actually got this last Christmas. How it’s latest so long I’ll never know, however we’re now at the end of the wick. I’ve loved the colour and size of this candle and it smells so fragrant!
  • Sugared Plum. This candle is from Matalan and I picked it up a couple of weeks ago. The purple complements our black and grey living room and I like to scattter it on the coffee table, along with the candles below.
  • Dream, Love, Wish. These three mini marble-effect candles are from Home Bargains back at the start of the year. They’re not to burned and are for decoration only. Yes, I put stuff out for show. Similarly to the candle above, they match our colour scheme and look lovely on the black coffee table!

I’m yet to pick up on the Aldi Jo Malone dupes but I’ve heard mixed reviews and I would a The White Company candle at some point too. Maybe next year!


2 responses to “Blogmas // Winter Candle Picks”

  1. Love the sound of the sugared plum one! I can’t believe I haven’t got my festive candles yet, I really want a pine scent one, it really reminds me of our family Christmas as a child x

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