Beauty // Technic Cosmetics New Launch Unboxing

I think we all have those brands that we’re loyal to. Whether you find their mascara to be your holy grail, the price point is en point or you just haven’t found a better brand out there…for whatever reason, they’re your go-to.

Mine is Technic Cosmetics.

Super cheap, lasting products and always bringing out innovative new products that I can’t wait to get my hands on. So, when an email landed in my inbox from them as they noticed I’d featured them on my blog before I was so happy. It’s proof in the pudding that brands look at all calibre of blogs and I was so excited to find out what they very kindly wanted to send me!

After a couple of days wait and a speedy hotfoot down to the Post Office, I had the package in my hands! Filled to the brim with some of the latest releases, it’s safe to say, at this initial unboxing, I was already a fan! I will be doing full reviews of each of the products weekly throughout December, showing you which products are my fave.

At first impressions, I’m loving the eyeshadow palette. It’s the baked bronzing eyeshadow palette that I first picked up from Technic Cosmetics and I will continue to use this one now too. I love the mix of colours, especially the khaki shade with a touch of the bronze pin on the inner eye.

Next up, I’m already a huge fan of the highlighters. The golden powder is perfect for my skin tone, whilst I can’t wait to get stuck into the unicorn highlight. I’m gonna have to watch a couple of tutorials first to get an understanding of how it’s supposed to look first though!

The pinky matte tone of the Colourstix lipstick is perfect for my skin tone and it’s even eat & drink proof. A surefire way of testing a lasting lippie! I’ve worn it a couple of times already and it’s not drying or easy to smudge. Defo one to wear throughout autumn.

Lastly, I was so happy when I saw I had been kindly gifted a Metallix. I’ve spotted these creamy shimmery eyeshadow sticks all over Instagram and I was planning on getting my hands on one, ahead of the party season. It’s super pigmented and glossy. I can’t wait to layer it with the baked eyeshadow palette to create a smoky, bronze eye look!

6 responses to “Beauty // Technic Cosmetics New Launch Unboxing”

  1. This is so amazingly written! Followed 🙂
    I’m just starting out in poetry and blogging
    and it would be amazing if you could give my page a follow too 🙂
    (only if you like my stuff of course!)

  2. spotted the ombre lip crayon in store but wasn’t sure if it would be a good formula, so I’m really glad I’ve seen this review! The eyeshadows you picked up are gorgeous, I imagine with a dampened brush they’d apply like really rich foils on the eye x
    WhatLydDid com

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