Life // Why Millenials Worry About Pressure & Expectations

I’m currently two days into a week off work and you know what? It’s lovely. We’ve not got any real plans, no day trips out, just lie ins, seeing friends and pottering around the house which we really, really needed.

There’s so much pressure to do something when we take annual leave. Go on holiday, home or away, be active, get out the house. But life is so busy with work, weekend jobs and having a dog that needs twice daily walks that it’s nice to take it easy, have no major plans and actually spend time in the house we may a shit tonne in rent for every month.

I felt last week like we should be doing stuff and I should feel guilty for wasting a week off. But I don’t. We read articles about millenials (a term I loathe) who strive for more, want to further our careers, travel, see friends and family but also how self care is super important.

So this week I’m blending the two. Having a lie in with my partner and a leisurely breakfast every day but making time to see the friends I don’t see when I’ve been at work all day and just want to get my pjs on by 6pm.

I wanted to write this post because expectation is a bitch and we feel stupid pressure that we should be doing things. When, actually, it’s ok, to not.

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