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It’s always around this time of year that I begin to day-dream about holidays and getting some of that elusive winter sun. Your summer holiday feels like ages ago, it’s dark now by half 7 and I’ve already started about doing my Christmas shopping in a bid to try and box it off. So jetting away to spend a few days in the sun, with only my next cocktail to worry about sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Holiday Gems are go-to when you’re playing holiday roulette (and attempting to avoid Ryanair flights for the foreseeable..) choosing where you want to up sticks and fly away to. I know some people love adventure and ‘doing stuff’ on holiday, but for me, I’m pretty happy when I’m lay down for about 7 hours straight, alternating between lying in the sun and hiding under the brolly so I don’t go too pink. So, for me, a pool is a must. Preferably an adult-only hotel and all-inclusive too, while we’re at it. So where’s on the wishlist currently?

  1. Morroco. We went to Marrakesh last year and we honestly had such a fab holiday. Spending 10 days doing nothing is my idea of relaxation and the fact that we got an absolute steal at an amazing hotel was the icing on the cake. I know you shouldn’t holiday at the same place twice, but I’d love to go back and visit Agadir and stay closer to the coast.
  2. Greece. I adore the Greek Islands. We used to go every year as kids, visiting a different island and Darren’s never been so it’s the one country I insist we’ve got to visit. I love the smaller, laid-back islands of Skiathos and Kefalonia. What I would give to sit in the sun with a gyros, drinking a Mythos. Bliss!
  3. Canaries. The Canary Islands are renowned for being the ultimate ‘winter sun’ destination and whilst I’ve only ever visited during the summer months, I am keen to plan an October getaway one year to coincide with half term. I think the smaller, less touristy/British-influenced towns are more up my street and spending late October in the sun would be perf.

Where’s on your winter sun wish list?

*This post has been sponsored by Holiday Gems

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