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Since I started working in Liverpool city centre last year, I’ve definitely become more aware of those in need and helping out with local charities. Through my workplace, we worked on a brand campaign earlier this year raising money for The Whitechapel Centre, the homeless charity and donated to food banks.

There’s something about working in the city, that definitely brings homelessness and the need for donations to the forefront and this is something I want to help with over the next few months. I’ve already enquired about taking part in the Liverpool Sleepout – which is raising awareness about the growing number of homeless people in the city. But the old saying is, charity starts at home….

iCollectClothes recently got in touch with me to see if we can explore ways of working together and I was keen to find out more. I don’t know about you, but when I moved house back in May we found reams of clothes, accessories and shoes spread across our bedroom and the spare bedroom. Whilst the majority were mine, I knew I just didn’t need everything that was piled up before me and a serious de-clutter was imminent!

Every charity bag that came through the door was filled to bursting but this is where iCollectClothes could really come into play. I know the majority of my readers are female, and how many of us say we’ll have a clear out but in reality, it’s put off until a rainy day?

‘iCollectClothes’ is a great way of donating your old, no longer loved clothing to the perfect charity for you. Working across the UK, they work with a variety of smaller charities to raise both awareness and donations for them.

Simply log on, choose the charity you wish to donate your no-longer worn dresses and jumpers, fill in your name and address and iCollectClothes takes care of the rest by arranging the collection for you.

I honestly think it’s a great idea as it gives airtime to lesser-known charities and you can  keep track of who you’ve donated too!

*This post is is collab with iCollectClothes

3 responses to “Fashion // Recycle Old Clothes with iCollectClothes”

  1. Rhyme & Ribbons avatar
    Rhyme & Ribbons

    That’s such a great idea! x

  2. Gem avatar sounds like such a fab idea, I always filling the charity bags that come through the door or getting my local Heart Foundation to collect when I have a few bags. I would deffo use this service when having a clear out.
    Gem |

    1. Ruth Writes avatar

      Thanks Gem. It’s such a good idea isn’t it – defo makes getting rid of old clothes much easier! Ruth x

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