Review // Revolution Bar, Cavern Quarter, Liverpool

Revolution is one of those bars that you remember from your younger years. A variety of cocktails, sticks of multi-flavoured shots and everyone had a mate who had an elusive Revs card…meaning cheaper drinks for everyone!

However, I was recently invited to one of the Vodka Revolution bars in Liverpool. Tucked away in the city’s famous Cavern Quarter and just backing onto Dale Street; I was kindly invited to sample their new cocktail menu, however, upon arrival it seems Revs are changing their ways as we were greeted with a beautifully decorated interior, marble topped tables and pretty low hanging light fittings.

Once seated in our corner, watching over the seated area and having a nosey at what our fellow customers were ordering; we got stuck into the cocktail menu! Initially, we were spoilt for choice. I had a hankering for a pornstar martini, so I was happy to see one listed on the menu, but the rest was so hard to choose from!
With a variety of the classic vodka, rum and gin cocktails on offer, narrowing down our choice was hard!

Each page of the menu was listed under a different category, making it *somewhat* easier to choose. From timeless classics to sharing, mocktails, blended and tropical…whatever your tipple, there’s something for everyone!

We decided to be adventurous and try a variety from across the menu. My boyfriend is a gin man through and through so he was delighted with the variety on offer.

Gin and Juice

Pornstar Martini

Lastly, we were given the chance to sample the newest flavours of shots available – chocolate egg in time for Easter and a fruity flavoured shot. We both commented that the chocolate egg shot was very similar to Baileys and tasted more like a liquor than something to down in one!

The bar surprised us in one more way than one thanks to its gorgeous décor, really helpful staff and a wide variety of cocktails. We also had a peek at the food menu which had us really wanting order food (which we totally would have done if we haven’t had reservations at Mowgli!) and being so close to Moorfields train station and where I work, I can defo see myself going again soon!

*We were kindly gifted x3 cocktails in exchange for my honest review.

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