So, Saturday was the big day – Liverpool Bloggers Ignite actually happened! I’ve spoken about hosting a blogging event time and time again, but back in February I decided to make it happen! After initially throwing the idea out there on social media, before I knew it I had a list of over 70 interested bloggers and then 40 who said they could make the proposed date!

So, it looked like I actually had to turn this into a reality!

#livbloggersignite took place on Saturday 1st April, thanks to Roja Pinchos who helped make the dream come true by providing their downstairs space, Instantprint for the branding on the day and the fabulous bloggers who turned out and made the day what it was – a success!

With 4 guest speakers talking about all things WordPress, Liverpool high fashion magazine, Inspo, networking and public speaking and lastly, being a blogger in Liverpool, collaborating with brands and Liverpool Girl Geeks!
Huge thanks go to –

The feedback from the bloggers in attendance has been fab and I love that they enjoyed the varied mix of talks and different ways to approach blogging! I was so overwhelmed with the positivity flying around the room and that the girls actually enjoyed the event and found it helpful.

So much so, we were trending fourth on Twitter on the day….which really surprised me on Derby Day!

I think I must be mad as I’m thinking about hosting a second event in the summer….so keep your eyes peeled!

2 responses to “Blogging // LivBloggersIgnite”

  1. Siena Says avatar no I signed up my original interest in this and then didn’t hear anything.
    I will definitely look out for it if you organise another. Looks brilliant!

    1. Ruth Writes avatar

      Oh no, I’m so sorry about that! Thank you, I definitely will x

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