Beauty // In The Pink

Following on from a recent yet very rare outfit post, I’m currently loving pastels and pink in particular.

In the past month, I’ve bought 2 pink coats and I’m in the process of dying a denim jacket pink so it’s safe to say…I’ve gone in heavy on the pink trend. So, I decided to put together a flat lay taking a closer look at my favourite pink beauty products. However, bar the Ted Baker nail varnish, none of these are remotely new in the slightest so I think I may write a chatty post and just have cute, pink images to accompany, if that’s ok with you?

Oh, I just remembered my new Sephora eyeshadow palette is on here and this was new, at Christmas. So there’s that.

But anyway, is anyone else just so happy it’s February? The doom, gloom and generally skintness of January is over and February really feels like the new year is ready to begin. Know what I mean?

This month brings tres excitement for me. Firstly, I have some time booked off work for the first time since August so I’m totes excited for that and can’t wait for a mini break! We’re off to the Lake District this month for a couple of days so I’m hoping for good walks, decent weather (ie no rain) and some good food, so keep an eye out for a few posts on that.

I’m also going down to London with my Mumma for our annual trip down to see different parts of the city and a spot of shopping. This time we’re heading over to Shoreditch and visiting the Sky Garden so if you have any recommendations – let me know!

So yeah, there’s a few things happening in February which I’m excited for to break up the monotony of the working week, which is just lovely!

I also need to plan a new more flat lay pictures as I think I’ve got lazy recently with my blog photography and I like how these have turned out. Especially as, disclaimer alert, they were taken on a very dark, grey weeknight at about 7pm on my kitchen worktop before I started making dinner. So, let’s see what I can do on a weekend when I’ve got more time!

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