Life // What Self Care Means To Me  

Life // What Self Care Means To Me  

Health and wellbeing is so important and very ‘on trend’ at this time of year. In a bid to beat the bulge and get a head start on 2017 we’re awash with images of gym clad bodies, green tea and salads. But for me self care is more than that.

Personally it’s too cold to be eating salad, madness to go cold turkey on alcohol and too dark to be gym bound. For me, it’s a mixture of old and new habits.

  • Eat Well. If your a long time reader of this blog you’ll know I love to cook. So taking care of myself and my boyfriend means yummy meals, full of flavour and veg to boot. Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland and boring, so I’m planning new meals from a variation of my favourite cookbooks.

Why not try some of my favourite past recipes?

Slimming World Tex Mex Chilli

Veggie Curry

Lemon and Garlic Roast Potatoes

Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Pasta 

  • Head Outdoors. Exercise comes in  a variety of forms. It doesn’t have to be runs or inside a gym. For me, it’s my daily walk to the train station when I’m heading to work and weekend walks with the dog. We head to the nearest beach, countryside and the local park your explore and enjoy some time outdoors.
  • Sleep. I know I’m feeling under the weather when my sleep pattern changes. I’m a routine kinda gal, in the sense that I try to be in bed by 10pm and a sleep by 10.30 each night.
  • H20. I always say that my favourite drinks are the three W’s. Water, wine and whisky. Water is my go to drink during the day as I can tell when I haven’t drunk enough and feel dehydrated so I carry a water bottle with me to work and I use it around the house so I don’t forget to drink!
  • Downtime. And lastly, recognise when to stop. Whether it’s the washing up that can wait till later or the food shop you can postpone and have a freezer tea instead, having a rest is important. I normally feel it around Weds/Thurs when the week is underway and I’m ready for another weekend. This is when I run a bath, light Neal and Wolf candles and watch YouTube. Or, when the footballs on so I can retreat to my reader corner and relax!

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