Online // Sharing Blogger Love

Online // Sharing Blogger Love

When I began blogging, some crazy 6 years ago now, blogging was quite an underground hobby. Having initially started Musings of Ruby, as this very site was named back then due to my bright red hair, the blogging community was small, fierce and loyal across social media. But nothing compared to what it is now, and how it’s grown since so many blogs have developed over the years and come to fruition in the last 18 months.

I’ve read and followed blogs and their owners for many years and can identify different stages of a bloggers life by their style at the time or even their blog layout. So this post is to join the masses of others that share the blogger love and I’m gonna shout about my long-time and somewhat new fave bloggers!

My favourite bloggers vary in niche – from fashion, food to lifestyle. All covering the many different topics I love to read about!

Hannah Gale

I’ve been reading Hannah’s blog for the last maybe 2 years now (has she been blogging that long?!) and, like the rest of the internet, I just love how #relable her content is. Whether it’s her latest fashion post featuring a midi dress from Primark that I’ve got to have cos A) its £13 or B) I know I have a chance of finding it. Or a post about contraception and should we be pumping our bodies with hormones? After reading Hannah’s posts and watching some real AF vlogs I changed my pill, cos you know what? Maybes we don’t want to be bat crap crazy all the time. But what I’m trying to say is, HG makes this acceptable to talk about on  The Internet and if that isn’t breaking down barriers and stereotypes, I don’t know what is. Plus her latest blog redesign looks banging, so there’s that too.

Not So Sex in the City

I discovered this blogger through one of my Twitter followers and after a quick read of her posts about 6 months ago I completely fell down the rabbit hole and ended up reading her back catalogue for the best part of a Sunday afternoon. Her blog is so balls-to-the-wall in terms of just saying IT how it is. Yep, her sex life in minute detail, that makes you want to keep reading. But also the feelings. And how they get involved, have the ability to fuck everything up but come out the other side with nothing more than a couple of bruises to the heart and a blog to tell the tale. She has a way of writing that wants you leaving more….if you know what I mean, but also hoping she’s ok as behind it all there is a real person, who’s just laying their love life bare online.

In The Frow

I’ve been a fan of Victoria’s for years now, ever since she lived in Manchester and blogged from various student flats. So to see her now, on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and her beautiful blog flying around the world, working with huge brands and being the ultimate #girlboss, it’s quite amazing. People often wonder how bloggers & influencers have done it, turning a space online to a career and Victoria is living proof. Whilst she’s switched the contents of her wardrobe from Primark to Armani, she’s still the same blogger that’s been talking to the camera for the last 4+ years. I often wonder what she’ll do next and how much bigger her personal brand can get…well, I can’t wait to keep reading to find out.


I started reading Sarah’s blog years ago back when Friday Frocks was still a thing and she had a rather envious collection of dresses. Whilst I have no doubt the dresses are still being worn and loved, Essbeevee is all about the food nowadays. Her batch cooking recipes gave me life a couple of years ago when I was seriously on the healthy eating train (yeah, we all fall off now and again don’t we…) and her pasta dishes and spicy recipes are just honestly so easy to make. A food blogger who can make a delicious recipe sound simple, use everyday ingredients that you have in the fridge when you’re nearing ‘big shop’ day and the recipe will last longer than one meal, is a winner in my book! Plus, I adore her Glastonbury round-up posts as she tells the story of Worthy Farm so well. Maybe one day I’ll return…

Helen Anderson

I first discovered Helen’s channel about 4 years ago now when I worked at Matalan looking after the blog and their blogger outreach. we’d heard that a blogger had done a realist swimwear haul…after a quick YouTube search I discovered Anderz channel. Vibrant, colourful and full of life, it was my first foray in watching vlogs and all these years later I’m still here. Helen’s daily vlogs are my nigh time wind down and I love that although she runs a pretty sweet blog, she’s moved house this year and documented the stresses and has a no-holds-barred opinion on vlogging her relationship. She’s real and like us, but on the internet. And that’s why I always return to Helen’s channel.

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